"Traditional Estimating with a lot of help from technology"

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Building Material Estimating

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If you are currently preparing your material list takeoff's by hand this is the program for you. My program is designed to enhance traditional estimating by using technology to help with the calculating but preserve the flexibility that traditional estimating provides.  It is user friendly with very little set up to get started. This is the program that I use every day. It can work for you. Start estimating today!

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Designed by Estimators

After 18 years of estimating the traditional way,I developed a spreadsheet program for my own use. I used technology to save time, increase accuracy, and improve productivity. I KNOW this program can do the same for you.

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Mission Statement

  1. To assist the estimator with an easy to use program that saves time and increases accuracy.
  2. Provide the customer with a complete and professional quote.
  3. Increase efficiency and bring more profit to the bottom line
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